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One pack, endless possibilities.

Make your dream come true… Archive all your sample pack banks ! They won’t be useful anymore. Forget about spending hours looking for a great sample. From now on, use the Ultimate Pack with our 200 premium samples all in the same place and create the best beats you’ve ever created.


20 Acoustic Drums

10 Claps

10 Cymbals

10 Hihats

10 Kicks

20 Percussions (10 Hits/10 Rolls)

10 Snaps

15 Snares

5 Subs

20 Impacts

15 Reverses

5 Sweeps

10 Others

30 Drum Loops - from 90 BPM to 150 BPM - Every kind of genres

10 Ambiences (Cars, Outside, Work, Old telephone, Bars...)

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SoundUWant will simplify your work as a producer or a beatmaker, boost your creativity... You won't need anything else to get the sound you want! Cool guys! Thanks!

Planet Home Studio
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SoundUWant packs are just incredible! Strongly recommend them!


Great samples! Love it!

Music Magazine

SoundUWant are yet to bring a whole new perspective to the sample pack game, we've had the privilege of testing their packs and we can easily say that "These sounds are something else"

Musician Life
Music Magazine

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Ultimate Pack - PRO

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  • 200 Premium Samples
  • 44.1 kHz 24 Bit
  • Instant Download
  • Access forever
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Support
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